Eyejot, relaunching video email

March 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

As company CEO David Geller puts it, Eyejot.com revisited the integration of videos to emails which have been introduced way before but unfortunately failed to be popular among email users. Eyejot is a comprehensive, client-free, video messaging service that allows people to send and receive video messages in via their internet browsers. The web app being browser based does not require any software.

A great advantage of using Eyejot, aside from the live video feed of course, is the spam free environment. The company emphasizes the volume of spam emails one regularly receives through the tradition email. With this web application, users will enjoy the same convenience of conventional email but in video form. If you don't have a web cam attached to your computer, however, you won't be able to send messages. This could be a drawback, since some users might want to send messages without any video. If that is the case, however, these users can just use their conventional emails to send purely text messages.

Eyejot also features an automatic transcoding to different formats allowing the web application to support iTunes, iPods, and other mobile devices. Eyejot messages can be viewed as podcasts and can be seen directly in your iPods. It can easily recognize various social networks such as the ever popular MySpace. The web app also has a site widget which can be embedded onto personal websites or webpages. The widget allows people to see your online video profile and send Eyejot messages by clicking directly the widget.

I like the website's bright design and the use of Flash as the medium to play the video messages. Since its Flash, the video web application will work on most browsers. The user interface is quite simple and definitely fast. Free users, however, are only allowed to have create a minute worth of video message. So unless you want to upgrade to a premium user, I suggest that you keep your messages as short and meaningful as possible.