Ozmozr.com, an interesting RSS aggregator

March 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ozmozr, sounds like a foreign product brand that either cleans or kills something. However, don't let the name fool you, this is one interesting website. Ozmozr.com in reality is an RSS aggregator that lies on a social networking framework. It integrates RSS feeds into the social feed directory, filtering the tags through the social network.

The developers of the site found it useful to create something that will bring together all the elements of web bookmarking, social site and news aggregator. The site, therefore, should be able to help users find other people that share the same interest by searching the tag cloud. When you view a user profile, you will find the individual's own tags, blogs, links to friends and to groups, the information that they have shared, and the latest entries in other social sharing websites they have like Flickr and list of feeds that they have recently accessed in their Digg and del.i.cio.us accounts, for example.

Although the user interface is easy enough to understand, I find the design not that appealing. Probably the use of unlined boxes instead of those presently used might help lighten the load visually. Nevertheless, the site can easily be navigated and I like the addition of a bookmarklet which helps in sharing contents and links as you browse the Web.

The social network aspect of the site seems to be working pretty well. You can discover people through the tagging system and put them in your own network of friends. It has already an impressive list of members considering that the web service was launched only last Janaury.

Other features of the site is a news aggregator that allows you to browse the feeds that have been collected. News feeds can be browsed and searched using its own user generated tags as well.