Hidden Lives, share your inner self

March 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Photo sharing, video sharing, file sharing, etc. These types of websites frequent the Web yet even so more and more new startups are attempting to break into the world of this highly congested web service. After browsing, reading and writing about these sites for a long time, it is quite refreshing to actually see something new, something unique on the Web.

I'm talking about Hidden Lives , a website dedicated to hosting innermost thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears and imaginings of members. Your not sharing photos or videos but rather a glimpse of what your life is like, of what you are thinking right now, or of who you are underneath. Don't worry about privacy issues, unless you chose to reveal your own identity, everything on the website can be anonymous. Hidden Lives is a social networking site as well, allowing users to view member profiles and read who they are and the things they had to say.

The basic idea of the website came from the notion that all of us live two lives: the one we show the public and the one we held inside where we usually keep it at bay. Hidden Lives was created to serve as avenue, a place to express one's inner self, and to develop into a community with real, intimate, and moving self-expressions from around the world.

Although it is a very interesting website, but functionality is not well defined. With the appearance and concept, it seems that the site is a form of a social network or online community. But social interactions among members are very limited. You cannot send personal messages to fellow members. You can only vote or show your appreciation for your favorite entries. However, one could argue that having personal messaging options may result to annoying, unsolicited advice or messages and defeats the website's anonymity.

User interface is very simple, fast, and pretty easy. You'll find on the homepage thumbnail images of members which can be arranged according to entry categories, by country location or through random selection. Place your mouse pointer over an image and you'll see a pop-up info square telling you the name of the user, age, country of origin and the number of ″appreciations” he/she has received so far for his/her entries. I would like to at least see some tags in there, linking entries to specific key words or phrases to improve navigating between entries. The site is still in beta anyways, so let's see how far they will develop it.