StupidVideos, not so stupid award system

March 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It's really difficult for any video sharing website to topple the popularity of Google's YouTube. A lot of websites, ideas, money and gimmicks have come and go but so far YouTube's immense popularity still prevailed. But a number of websites have remained afloat and competitive. Recently PureVideo Networks' sister company and website launched a new cash rewards system for their video submissions. Although, I'm sure this will not have any substantial effect to YouTube, Stupidvideos is hopeful that the strategy will increase their page views and site traffic.

StupidVideos is located in El Segundo, CA. The website features humorous, off-the-wall videos which include stunts, videos of animals antics, sports bloopers, funny commercials, and song and dance parodies just to name a few. Videos from the galleries are all submitted by users, some of them were even produced by the StupidVideos staff.

The latest cash reward system involves giving away up to $25,000 for video clip submissions. Cash prizes will be given away on daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This is in addition to the regular $5.00 cash incentive given to user-submitted clips that made it to the StupidVideos homepage. Plus, this is apart from the chosen funniest clip of the week which is awarded $100.00 cash prize.

As a social networking and video sharing site, Stupidvideos has incorporated rating systems for user-contributed videos as well as options to download and share and embed the Flash player to personal hardrives and websites and webpages respectively. The categories and tagging system are satisfactory. Aside from the specialized contents, which by the way seems to be the trend on creating video sharing website, StupidVideos has nothing unique to offer. User interface is not that difficult, however, the homepage, at least for me, is not that attractive.

Nevertheless, the website and its video contents are worth seeing and the award system is very attractive especially if you have something original to contribute.