The Older generation can still Crank it up

March 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The Web may be dominated by Generation X and Gen Ys, but cutting off or ignoring the group of users who belong to the much later generation can really be counterproductive. People who are more than half the age of most MySpace members are still browsing the internet and in reality are the ones more capable of spending on services and products. was developed to assist the needs of the 50-plus community who continue or begin to stay online. Created by Eons Inc., Cranky is a search engine that allows users to find what they are looking for the fastest, easiest and most effective means possible. The search engine's efficiency lies on how users rate websites. You see, when you perform a search on Cranky, the resulting lists of websites are the ones that community members have ranked the highest. Keep in mind that members of the Eon and Cranky community supposedly belong to the 50 plus age group which means the search results are ranked according to their perspective, thus giving you a greater chance of finding what you are looking for, that is assuming you also belong to the same age group and share the same mindset.

Jeff Taylor, Founder and CEO of Eons, raves about how their website and search engine opens up opportunities for the 50-and-above age group. As Taylor puts it, Eons serves as an invitation for the older generation to ″start thinking about the unprecedented opportunity to travel and explore, to re-invent our careers, to nurture relationships, to give back to the community … to live.”

Not a bad concept. Although, if we're talking of the older generation who have been online for a while now, chances are they know how to navigate Yahoo and Google well enough and might not need Cranky. But the search engine can be very useful for those who just recently began exploring the Web.

Cranky shows first the top four search results for every query you type. If you don't find it on the first four, clicking next will bring you to the next ten top results and so on. The top ten searches are displayed on the Cranky homepage.