ToonDoo, something fun from Adventnet

March 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Adventnet, the company that owns Zoho just launched a new web application, ToonDoo that is a lot similar to Comeeko and Stripgenerator (both reviewed here as well).

Users can sign up for free and start creating their comics strips right away. The interface is made in Flash allowing drag and drop options along with seamless vector graphics. Members create their comics by simply choosing prefabricated drawings and laying them out on the canvass.

There are not as much drawings to choose from as compared to StripGenerator but the drawings for ToonDoo come in full color and caricatures of celebrities are also available like in Comeeko. Laying out the drawings is quite easy but the options are also quite limited. Unlike StripGenerator and Comeeko, images in ToonDoo cannot be resized by dragging handles. There are preset sizes for the drawings and the user must click a button to scroll through the available sizes. Flip, rotate, send to front and send to back are also available as well as delete.

Users can choose strip layouts but there are only three choices, one, two or three panels. The advantage of ToonDoo over StripGenerator is its capability of using uploaded pictures, a feature also available on Comeeko. Saving for future editing is also available so not every strip must be finished right away. Publishing the comic strip comes with its own platform (flash player), tags and title. The platform each ToonDoo comes with makes it as easy to embed and share just like a YouTube video. Though for printing purposes, this gives rise to more complications.

All in all, ToonDoo is like 50% StripGenerator and 50% Comeeko. Though personally, it would've been better if they mixed the two 100% of each covering most bases in comic strip generation. Nevertheless, it might still evolve so it's worth giving a try now and comparing its upcoming developments later.

On a really small note, check out the eyes of the ToonDoo logo.. it follows the pointer!