Wayki, a wiki map

March 28th, 2007 at 12:00 am

We all know now what a Wiki is or at least have the slightest idea. For a vague definition, a wiki is something that anybody can edit, add to, or delete anytime. Today it has become the most widely used multi authoring collaborative software. It's most popular application is the Wikipedia.

That being said, there are also other Wiki applications for a multitude of purposes. There are some for technical writers, open source programming, programming, cooking, medicine and practically everything else. This of course includes maps.

Wayki is a Wiki web application that allows its users to simply show everyone else where. Users share any information about anything in a certain place in the world. For example, I just want to shout where I am, I put a marker on the Wayki.

Aside from simply pointing and saying something insignificant, Wayki is also a very useful collaborative tool for travelers (who else would need a map more than anyone anyway). With Wayki, A traveler can see what somebody else has to say about a place on the planet. Also, pictures of any place can be uploaded on Wayki. For example, I want to go to an island in the Philippines, with Wayki I can instantly find and see if there's island I might be interested in. Let's say I choose a location, I could click on the marker and see comments, links and photos all without leaving the page.

Wayki is Ajax based so it's lighter on the bandwidth and like I said, there's no need to leave the page. This is also applicable when adding or editing the wiki. Adding a marker on a place is done with a pop up. That interface already includes the title tab, photo tab and links tab so clicking through doesn't require a new browser page. Photos are simply uploaded by selecting a photo from the hard drive.

The potential problem with Wayki is its searchability. As of the time of this writing, there is no search function. In a place where there are too many markers, the zoom out view does not display everything. So if I had no idea where to start looking, I'd have a hard time finding the right marker. If it did display everything, how would it all fit on one map? Searching is limited to locations known by GoogleMaps. There is no way yet to search the entries on the Wayki map.

All in all, the whole idea is great. Execution wise is sor t of the problem for now, there must be a way to filter out markers to leave the ones significant to the user. Regardless, at its present state, Wayki is somewhere I'd broadcast to the world where I've bee and share what I know about some place.