Chipin, fund raiser

March 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

One thing I learned in college about events organizing is that you need to beg and convince sponsors to give you cash just to materialize your party or quiz contest. I'm not really sure why many student organizations in my University had only one way of raising the funds for every event they came up with, solicitation. It's funny to think that back then student organizations' leaders feel so corporate although the corporate world was just laughing and patronizing them.

Chipin is a nice way of marketing an event and in the same time raising funds to fuel the event. Using the internet as the broadcast medium, Chipin helps events organizers (which could be anybody for that matter) advertise and promote and consequently raise funds by harnessing the power of embedded widgets, blogs and social networks. Every Chipin event gets a space in the Chipin servers accessed by a URL in the form This webpage can be edited by the user to include more details and marketing spills for his event. Chipin widgets on the other hand can be embedded in any blog or site or social network to gain attention and possibly donations from the traffic.

Donations are accepted by Credit Card, Check deposits, and PayPal emails. The flash widget presents the user generated data (event title, amount needed to be raised, when the amount is needed) in a very humble and attractive way. The widget shows a graph of how much funds it has raised to entice other donors and tickle their hearts.

Claiming the raised funds is available upon donation into the PayPal account the user has specified. Cash can also be directly deposited into the user's bank account via ACH or Chipin could mail the user a check once the event has reached its target amount.

Personally, I like the idea and simplicity of the program. I'm just not sure if there wouldn't be any issues that could cause Chipin to shut down due to frauds and other malicious behavior since this is money we are talking about and some people would do just about anything to cheat any system. I think that if people used Chipin honestly, many could benefit from the service but once the reputation of Chipin is smeared by a single user, it all goes down the drain.