Clipperz, another safe storage for sensitive info

March 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Usernames and passwords today are becoming a problem to secure expecially with the number of new web and non-web services that keep popping up everyday requiring us a key consisting of a username and password. Gone are the days when all one had to know was his PIN for the ATM and combination code for the padlock on the bicycle.

Today, the average internet savvy person would have at least two sets of passwords ana user names. Storing the sensitive information has become a burden rather than an excitement. Solutions like OpenID have been trying to solve this problem by uniting all usernames and passwords into a single ID. This approach however requires the web services to be part of the OpenID network The alternative approach is to house all the sensitive information in a single secure online space that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with a single username and password.

Clipperz is one of these alternative solutions. It allows users a number of options that are similar to PassPack. Thoough unlike PassPack, Clipperz only has a single username and password for access and does not require an email address.

Keeping the information in their servers works the same, the information submitted by the user is first encrypted locally then on the server itself making it also “impossible” for Clipperz to view the information.

Clipperz is also made in Java so the interface consists of many pop ups and forms. For example adding an entry in ones vault prompts a form on the screen. Unlike PassPack, fields can be edited in Clipperz, this gives the user more flexibility.

All in all, these kinds of “secure” online storage are fast becoming a commodity. It sure does beat keeping sensitive information on a piece of paper or in a document in a hard drive.