News bookmarking for investors

March 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

″Feed The Bull” is different from ″Take The Bull by The Horns”. The last one is an expression while the first one is a website. is a social content website. Basically all the articles are from member contributions or submissions. It is another website banking or riding on the general idea and concept that made Digg so popular. Just like Digg, highly rated user submissions in FeedTheBull will be given prominence and be placed on the home page. FeedTheBull users can help promote an article by ″feeding” it or can help remove spam from the system by ″starving” an article.

What makes FeedTheBull different is its focus. The site handles any news and articles about or related to the stock market, finance, and the economy. The objective is to create a website that allows investors to give their valued opinions about the various articles that come online. Here, supposed experts and individuals knowledgeable in the field of business and stock markets post their votes and share their comments on articles that are considered most useful and informative for businesses and investors.

The website is very simple and the user interface is pretty easy. You won't find too much flare on the website. Everything is so straightforward and business-like. A tag cloud is provided as well as an RSS feed service can be used for story updates.

If you're not an investor or not involved in any way with stock market and the financial economy, you might want to stay away from the website.

I can see two reasons that makes the website at a disadvantage. First, this new startup is focuses on a select group of audience. The fact that people involved in stock market might not have the time to log into their accounts can take a toll to their site statistics. And the second major disadvantage is the same fact that the contents are ranked by the members of the community and reliability and credibility can really become an issue later on. Fortunately, people can view individual profiles so they can check and judge the credibility of the members who submitted the articles and articles as well.