Prapta, share your life experiences

March 29th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Here comes , a recent addition to the long list of social networking sites on the Web. What makes this one different is that Prapta's social network focuses on the various experiences we have had in our lives. When you sign up, you will find a list of experiences where you can check which ones you have completed so far. Points will be given for every experience you marked. The one with the most number of points will win, although, it seems that there's no actual money or gift prize waiting the winner. With over a million experiences, one thing that you will get to realize is how well you have lived your life up to this point. The website, in a way, measures your life achievements.

Users can add comments on each experience they check, they can tell stories or write blog about the experience, and they can add a picture as well. These entries are public and can be seen by the rest of Prapta's members. You can also add an experience of your own if you find the list lacking or if you thought of something unique.

Prapta user profile pages can be highly customized or personalized. Background theme colors and font sizes can be changed. I can see some good Ajax scripts like the personal messaging service. Also, when you open the Prapta IM you can immediately see who among your contacts are online. You have a search service that can narrow down search results by clicking on categories like food habits, eye color, orientation and political views. There's a lot of features which allow social interaction with members as well.

I find Prapta complete, as far as features of a social networking website goes. Members at this point are still very few. Maybe, would be users are not attracted with the ″experience” approach of social interaction or they don't understand pretty well how it goes.