HiTask! The fun organizer and collaboration tool.

March 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Web-based organizers have are useful tools for busy people who need to access their stuff anytime, anywhere and keep in touch with their colleagues and friends and family. Basically, the organizer is the fulcrum in the complex balancing act of the busy individual.

Most organizers we have reviewed here before are all feature packed with Ajax technology which allow easy manipulation of items. Though many of those reviewed here do not have the “Oomph!” that makes the application easy and enticing to use. Until now.

HiTask markets itself as a fun interactive tool to keep people in touch much like a social network. Though the more important feature it possesses is its easy to manage user interface (UI) and its collaboration tools. Among the collaboration tools and group management software I've seen, it's mostly the forum type of correspondence. HiTask on the other hand maximizes its use of instant messaging and on the ply manipulation of tasks.

The UI of HiTask also makes it standout from the rest of the organizers and collaboration softwares. Mixing work and play gas akwats been a juggle and mostly other organizer applications , their interfaces aren't completely drag and drop. HiTask on the other hand presents a clear clean cut and completely drag and drop UI.

Standard features like task grouping, tagging and management are all excellent. The funny thing is, when using HiTask, it really does feel like having fun. Maybe it's just some euphoria or excitementwile using such a handy and easy to use application.