MySafeBox, crack the code.

March 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I've written about PassPack and Clipperz recently which led me to notice another startup that does something similar, safe storage for usernames and passwords.

Every time I hear a safe storage space online the first thing that comes to my mind is encryption. This was proven to be the trend by both PassPack and Clipperz who both encrypt their users' sensitive information and protect them with a standard log-in system.

MySafeBox on the other hand is probably the best hack proof method of saving confidential information. They do this by not keeping the information there at all. So how does it work?

Members of course still have a standard log in procedure that allows them to access their account. That account however does not have a listing of usernames and passwords. Instead, it has a listing of hints and clues that may help the user recall the real access information. For example, an entry for a social network's username and pass word would look like:

Title: MySpace

Username: maxfischer

Password: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Hints: use your imagination

The fields are standard but everything else is dynamic. Users can choose to be as profound as they wish to be and give really vague clues even for the title and username but that would be pushing it.

The question here now is, would this be as helpful and useful as PassPack and Clipperz? That remains to be seen but MySafeBox incorporated another feature that might give it an edge. The allow seamless import and export of spreadsheets in XLS format. This means that if a user already keeps a local version in Excel, he can upload that list into MySafeBox for anytime, anywhere access. The reverse works as well, the entries in the user's account on MySafeBox can be exported into anXLS file for local access.

With hundreds of account names and passwords to remember, would clues still work? Using MySafeBox may not be the most convenient way to keep and access sensitive information but it sure is the safest.