Ballhype – the digg for sports

April 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Sports has always attracted a cult following. Fans have killed each other and debated and squabbled and betted on sports ever since sports began. On the web, sports has been talked about for as long as anyone can remember. Sports is something like music, movies that everyone simply goes crazy about.

If any written article on the web gets to be on digg, why not then make a site for sports articles and treat it like digg? Well, that's exactly what Ballhype has capitalized on. Although digg itself also features sports articles from time to time, Ballhype features and lets its users do digging with them all the time.

Basically, Ballhype is a community just like digg for sports stories. Though unlike digg, Ballhype has a couple of surprises that will make it easier for their users to enjoy.

First off, it's like a social network as well. Users can create and join groups as well as bet on games and earn points. Like in a cockfight, if the underdog wins, more points go to the users who bet on him. Aside from betting, members on BallHype can vote on stories (like digg) or submit their own stories. Unlike digg however, stories must be submitted using a form and not by linking an article found on the net.

The more impressive feature of BallHype is its fully cutomizable Ajax-based interface. Favorites and preferred sports can be selected and laid out into windows like a feed aggregator (think NetVibes). The windows can be moved into any position on screen depending on the user's preference.

Finally, not all articles are user generated. There are also articles from sports bloggers and other writers from news papers and sports magazines to keep the stories coming as they happen. Check out their demo here.