Lyro, online business card

April 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Like a LinkedIn Profile isn't enough, Lyro presents another way of showing yourself to the internet.

Business cards have always been and are still the most widely used identification card in the business world.  That 3” x 2.5” calling card summarizes who you are, who you work for, what you do and how good you are at it.  Business cards are little things announce a professional's credibility and reliability.  It's handiness and easiness to store and access makes it one the most valuable pieces of paper in the offline social and business network.

Lyro extends that business card online.  Though we already have our own websites, our own profiles and thousands of web pages describing who, and what we are, Lyro is still convinced that a simple online business card would be useful.

Creating a card in Lyro is simple.  Just fill up the form and they do the rest on the fly.  For now they only have the essentials, name, address, contact information, and they're developing the other features of the service such as photo upload,  Downloadable vCard, Customizable Card and Lyro Badge.  What those will look like will still have to be revealed but my idea is that it's going to be some kind of widget.

Lyro business card will be available for display on social networks and blogs via embed, and permalink (each business card will have it's URL e.g.  Lyro also plans to make their business cards the item of interest in their own social network meaning users can browse other members cards, tag and add them as buddies and all that jazz.

So far the idea is pretty so-so but if business cards still work off the grid, why can't it work on the grid as well?