Something new for photos

April 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Those who like taking pictures might find this new web service interesting. , is a website that features a changing gallery of photos which can be edited by users free from any restrictions from site administrators. The site gets the most popular images at any given time and places them in a ″showcase gallery”. Meanwhile the rest of the photos can be located in an ″upcoming gallery” which actually is intended for recently added works to the website. Users can view and vote for the images they like. The concept reminds you of Digg, right?

Similar to sharing or networking websites, you need to register and log-on in order to upload photos to Picli. Uploading files can be through hard-drive or by linking to photo-sharing service. Users can submit their own works or great finds in the internet.

The website is still very incomplete. Other options are still not available and you can only do so much, like submitting contents, viewing galleries, and voting or rating the photos. Users can also add their comments on the pictures. I like the way the site used Ajax when viewing the photos. Click on a photo and the image will be enlarged using Ajax.

Picli has the ability to draw users. The great thing about it is that users vote for the shared contents. This helps photographers who want to get their names or images known and recognized in the community. It is recommended, however, that the website adds more features for users or photographers. These type of people love customizations, this includes their online profile, and they also like to have a lot of options available to them especially with regards to posting photos or images. It is not bad also if you could improve the social networking aspect, like adding options of talking with other users through IM, and creation of groups.