WriteItIn, if a picture paints a thousand words then write it!

April 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

We've always tried to make photos more interesting. Some do it with photography, others with editing, others by collage. the easiest way however to make the picture say something (and consequently make it more interesting) is to put text. A simple caption can change the whole message an image evokes. A text cloud can make it funnier. Many services already do this, take Bubblesnaps and Comeeko for example. A new addition to that list is WriteItIn.

WriteItIn is a caption overlayer for images. Captions can be in the form of text at the bottom of the picture or text clouds like in the comic books. WriteItIn makes it more interesting by adding a social factor to their captioning software.

Members get their own profiles and of course their own gallery of their images. Captioned images are also displayed in the gallery and are viewable by the public. Aside from leaving comments and discussing the images, other members can also edit other images and try to do better at it. That means there is also a sort of contest going on but the judges aren't the people. On the front page of the site, WriteItIn features a different image everyday and labels it caption of the day. The chosen image is random which gives all images an equal chance to be featured.

Creating captioned images can also be done from scratch by uploading a photo then putting a caption. the captioning part is built in Flash allowing drag and drop for lay outing. After the photo has been captioned, the several export options (unlike Bubblesnaps) including, permalink and hotlinks for HTML, and BBCode. These exposed export options are probably the best advantage of WriteItIn.

All in all, WriteItIn is just yet another photo enhancement site with a strong sense of social network painted on it. Aside from that, there's nothing new.