Sellaband, big breaks for penniless musicians

April 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

The music industry is a dog eat dog world and many aspiring artists cannot get their big break simply because no producer believes in them even if there are already some fans believing in them. For an artist to hit it big, he needs to have as many people who would be willing to listen, pay for, and even download his music. Problem is, how can a single moneyless struggling artist broadcast to the world his song and start selling his music?

Sellaband is a network for both artists and fans or as they call it, believers. The site aims to let the struggling artist become a superstar before his time is over. Musicians and music lovers help each other in raising funds to let the artist record and produce a “debut” album and get his lucrative music career going.

How it works is fairly simple. For artists, sign up-upload-wait-record-sell, and for fans (believers), sign up-browse-donate-get freebie-download. Those are the two ways to go in Sellaband. They both end in making yourself a couple of bucks. Artists sign up and upload their music along with other information about them in Sellaband. The artist can then invite people to listen to his works on Sellaband and donate at least 1 part worth $10. Now he waits until he makes $50000. When that mark is reached, Sellaband gives him the cash to record in a professional studio and produce his “album” which will be shared to all his believers (fan donors). On the side of the believers, their collective power keeps artists signing up and reaching for the $50000 mark.

After the CD has been produced, the artists' music will be available for free download on the Sellaband site. Though downloading is free, Sellaband, the artist and the believers still make money off the ads on the download portal. The artists and believers split earnings for ads on the portal depending on how many people did go there to download the artists' songs.

Sellaband proves that the web is a powerful broadcast tool especially for hungry young poets and musicians.