Show your talents online

April 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you have some talent to show, what better place to broadcast them than through online. It's easy, it's free, and the possibilities seem to be endless. This is exactly what wants to achieve. The website is a media and networking company that targets new talents as well as talent scouts who are looking for individuals that can perform.

Any user can share their talent in categories like Music, Acting, Sports, Comedy, Modeling, or Dance. These are default categories but Famesource is also open to other talents that don't fall on any of these. Users can create their own descriptive profiles and to upload videos, images, and audio of their work or talent. This way, the public can see which individual have the right stuff to make it big. The unique aspect of this web service is that the public can vote on a video, image or audio. And they can choose to be a fan of a user as well. The more popular users are placed on the website's homepage; with this the site is similar to Digg.

Aside from having the privilege of being on the homepage, the user that has the most number of votes and fans will be known as the "Featured Talent." A ″Featured Talent” has its own section on the main page. Definitely a featured talent receives better exposure than the rest.

Now, Famesource knows that some talented people out there think that they deserve more than the actual votes they get. So the website offers the "Wall of Fame" section which gives users the chance to "buy" their fame. Users bid for the limited number of spots on this page using Famebucks, the web currency being used by Famesource which are purchased by real money. The ones that have been outbid are bumped down to the lower spots. The problem with this set-up is that people can manipulate their ratings if they have a lot of Famebucks to spend. But aside from that, I think that Famebucks is a great concept and can be a great resource for new talents.

Design-wise, there's nothing extraordinary with the layout, design and program used. I do like the bright web pages. Sit navigation is easy as well.