BetsGoWild- finally something to counter blufr

April 4th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The trivia site Blufr allows users to hand out trivia questions like Jeopardy and respondents simply answer "Way!" or "NoWay!" and that's it. Well, BetsGoWild takes this existing system and makes it a step further.

BetsGoWild works exactly like Blufr but instead of users posting bluffs with a true or false answer, here users put out bets which are similar to polls because the result of the bet is determined by the members. For example, "Natalie Portman is the most beautiful girl in Hollywood?" The result of this bet is determined by how many vote Way or No Way. Like I said, just like Blufr.

To make the betting more interesting, BetsGoWild has its own currency. Every user is given 1500 WildBucks upon signing in. This capital is then used on betting. If he wins, he gets a share of the pot, if he loses, then he loses his investment. Any user can also make a bet where he sets the stakes.

Lastly, again just like Blufr, bets from BetsGoWild can also be embedded into any blog, or social network profile. The embedded widget of course works. So if anybody clicks on the bet, they get a trip to the site and particcipate in the fun.

All in all, I think the BetsGoWild is an interesting and probably sticky concept on the web today and its improvement on an already existing system makes them one great innovator.