April 4th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It was always a frustration of mine that I did not have a twin brother that would cover for me when I'm gone.  It's always been a fantasy for me that if I had a twin, he's be going to school for me and we'll take turns at work and with our girlfriends.  Well, like I said, it's just a fantasy.

MyCyberTwin creates a virtual you on the internet to engage in IM's when you have to be offline.  How this is possible is not entirely new.  By using a little AI, and a 79 item questionairre, MyCybeTwin tries to mimic your behaivior and speaking pattern on MSN Messenger.

The point here is not to deceive but if the need be, why not?  The amazing part here is the ability to program your twin to talk like you.  I have no idea how the software works but it's something from the movies (Mission: Impossible 3..sort of).  MyCyberTwin could be used to talk to virtually anybody by simply announcing your permalink or embedding your cybertwin in your blog or social network profile.  Though manysocial networks provide an IM service, MyCyberTwin comes in handy when you're asleep or doing other stuff.

Settings for your twin can be adjusted and conversation logs can be set to be sent via email.  I haven't really tried talking to my twin so you go ahead and try.