Joost’s client release, not for everyone yet

April 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The Venice project has finally landed on my desktop.  After months of hype and anticipation for an alternative to cable tv, iptv from Joost is now sitting on my desktop.

Well not exactly an alternative to replace cable tv because as of now Joost isn't bvroadcasting popular TV shows with huge copyright issues.  Joost is free iptv with no commercial breaks.

Video on demand.  There are like a hundred shows and 20 channels to choose from.  I like the Guinness World Records Channel.  Though its mostly reruns, its still entertaining.  Honestly I'm not familiar with most of the content available on Joost but what strikes me is the IPTV sitting on my desktop.  In the near future, I could be watching shows I missed on cable right from Joost when I want to watch it.  Or I could be watching a whole new season from a series they got rights to.

The features of Joost are unprecedented in its industry.  It's like a whole social network revolving around Joost including instant messaging.  Actually there's a lot of options I haven't explored yet but they all seem so exciting.

Anyway, picture quality is not exactly HD but good enough not to strain your eyes.  The Joost client, by the way, is only available by invitation (I got mine April 6, i was on vacation then).  Here's what I have to say so far, Joost is flashy and lives up to the reputation of its creators, a real innovation.