MediaMaster, just love that music

April 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I've always enjoyed my music though I never enjoyed using an iPod, iTunes and Windows MediaPlayer. For the longest time I've been a Nullsoft Winamp loyalist until someone gave me an installer for Foobar2000. So now i shifted to Foobar, light on the machine and a no nonsense interface solely for playing my 6000++ mp3's. I know it's just a few but they work for me so mind your business. Anyway, what and how much my music is isn't the subject. It's the player and the music collection.

6000++ songs is like 20GB on a physical hard drive and that would fit a regular iPod Video or Creative Zen Vision. or any China-made mp3 player with that capacity. True it is easy to carry around in my pocket and listen to it all day long but still there's something about a web-based version of that same collection.

With a device, you can take it with you anywhere and that's it. When it's web based, you can share it with everyone else. I guess that defines the difference between the two and fuels my interest with MediaMaster.

MediaMaster is a web based music player that allows me to store virtually all my music online and access it from any web enabled device. this technology is not new though, I've reviewed a site that allows this feature and it's called MediaMax. Unlike MediaMax, whichis generally a online hard drive / host integrated with a audio and video stream, MediaMaster was designed to be a player first, then a storage site. this means, MediaMaster trumps MediaMax in terms of UI, and music accessibility. Moreover, MediaMaster provides some great features especially one I never thought I would get for free, album art (most of my music come from unpaid sources)!

The UI of MediaMaster closely resembles iTunes, which I assume they made sure of to help the 100 million iPod users adapt quickly, in both design and functionality. Music is uploaded from your local PC into your MediaMaster account then the service organizes the files into albums and provide the album art for the songs it recognizes.

Like I said I never enjoyed using iTunes but the thing about MediaMaster that keeps me clicking is its publish features. There two kinds, embeddable widget and radio station. Embeddable widgets are common and the one from MediaMaster is no different. the radio station however is a URL that points to a playlist in your account that you can share with anybody who can read a pls playlist (e.g. MediaPlayer).

That, I think is the essence of putting your music online (aside from the backup perk), to share it with everyone else. If you like to take your music with you where ever you go, get a player. If you want to share your music when your hard drive has crashed and your iPod's been stolen, sign up for a MediaMaster account.