MyDataBus + SnipShot = Coolness

April 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

In past reviews, we have touched on various file storage websites that allow you to store, transfer and share files online. We have talked about Omnidrive, Orbitfiles, Dropboks and Pando as well as MediaFire. New startups come and go but the battle for online file storage still remains.

Everybody claims of having the ″easiest way” of storing and managing files. But in reality, all of them have basically the same functionality. Some websites will have a small innovative features but that's it. The main concerns of users is not the user interface but rather the amount of files they can store. Storage capacity remains and will always be the deciding factor that determines the success of a file storage site, or so we thought. , an online file management system that offers 5 Gigabyes of free storage space has added a relatively unique feature to its online storage system. With the large storage capacity, MyDataBus is an ideal place to store photos, videos and music. The system was originally created with students and professors in mind. Recently though, the website had an agreement with SnipShot, an online photo editor web ap.

Adding the SnipShot ajax powered image editor API has made it possible for users of MyDataBus to edit their photos. When users view their uploaded images, they are now shown and ″Edit with SnipShot” option. Clicking on this will open a new window where you can perform basic photo editing on your image. Even though the system allows only the basics like cropping, one-click enhancements, and rotating and resizing images, the implications of the actions taken by the two websites can be huge. If photo editing applications are now being added to online storage websites, then the possibility of having music and video editing APIs are not that far off. The fight among online file management sites will no longer center on file storage capacity alone. This time around, competition will focus on added features, increase functionality and inter-website compatibility.