MyTimeHero, where the not so young can meet

April 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The internet is full of young people, that fact is undeniable. Teenagers to youngsters use and interact among themselves through the various social networking websites. Look at MySpace. The demographics of MySpace users seem to suggest that the young ones are more active in web-based communication and online interactions. Fortunately, is here to provide a place for people in their 30s and above age group to interact online.

MyTimeHero is exclusive for mature users. If you're younger that 30 years of age, you will not be able to register. The site pretty much feels like MySpace. The functionality and features are similar as well. Users of MyTimeHero can personalized/customized profiles, create and join interest groups, write articles in your blog, search for other members, and you can send and receive messages as well.

Not surprisingly, contents tackle more serious and mature subject matters. From travel to politics, education to entertainment, national news to world concerns, MyTimeHero offers an opportunity for more mature individuals to express their opinions and at the same time hear similar reactions from peers. It is a place where they can exchange ideas, raise issues, and concerns regarding the world they live in.

The real objective, however, of MyTimeHero is to nurture an online community where people can give thanks and show their gratitude and respect to people that can be aptly called heroes in their own time. The idea is to recognize individuals that have made valuable contributions to their families, communities, culture and humanity as a whole. These people will be considered what the site calls TimeHeroes.

The great thing about MyTimeHero is that it targets a demographic that is not often targeted by startups and other websites on the internet. It gives the site developers an edge since by having a dedicated audience, they don't have to compete with other websites for site traffic. The concept is good. The downside, however, is how active are people in this age group when it comes to internet communities and networking. Do these people have the time, the patience and the motivation to stay online, share their experiences, interact, and communicate with people their age?