Open Source Food, real yummy eye candy

April 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Ever heard of a blog called Yongfook? Well, it's owned by Jon Yongfook Cockle, an Englishman in Japan with a passion for both technology and food.

Actually it's food and photography.  Open Source Food is the latest web project of Yongfook that's basically a social network for food enthusiasts and food photographers alike.  The topic of course is food, lots of  it and very very appetizing given professional quality photographs.  

Well, I haven't been around many food blogs or social networks to know anything but Open Source Food seems to be the epitome of a community driven food site.  All the dishes on OSF are submitted by users along with the recipe (aha! so that's where the Open Source comes in!).  Basically it's where people share the food they have created.

According to Yongfook, this is his latest project (just 2 weeks and a bit old).  Surprisingly there are already many members online.  Unlike many other web services, this one I think is one is simply born out of passion and not some business model some startup came up with.  Open Source food like any other community has its subject which is food, allows its users to rate the items on the site.  Users are also rated then they interact in discussion boards about recipes and other things about food.

Open Source Food is also a repository of recipes.  Here anybody can find a certain dish they could try out on their own.  The recipes are classified and tagged accordingly, east, west, fusion, meat, vegetable, seafood, sweet, quick, and slow to fit anything anybody might be looking for.

Open Source Food is the brainchild of Jon Yongfook Cockle and his dad John FG Cockle who is also a food enthusiast.  The two of them of course have "PRO" status in OSF therefore they can give tips and advice to other users under the tips section of the site.  This part of the site is still another discussion board and users can comment on the tips.  "PRO" status can be achieved by any user once they have met the requirements (created 10 recipes or more that have each achieved a 3-star rating).

All in all, OSF is a great site for both the eyes and possibly the pallete and stomach.  The design of the site is also notable, clean, clear, simple and elegant.