SuTree, learning through videos

April 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

At first glance, appears to be just another video aggregator. Since video aggregators are pretty common sight nowadays in the internet, you probably won't give SuTree another look. There's a big chance that you already have your own favorite aggregator or video bookmarking website too. However, videos found in SuTree are different. The videos indexed by the website are all video lessons. That's right, SuTree is a repository of instructional videos, how to's, tutorials, lectures and more.

We all know that following an instructional video is better and easier to undertand rather than reading a very long set of instructions in text format. Using this presumption as one of the basis for creating the website, SuTree team moved on to searching and discovering free quality video lessons all over the Web. Before spending too much of your time searching the net, you can try and look at the indexed collection of SuTree first. There's a chance the video you're looking for has already been archived by SuTree. The total number of video lessons the website has is already nearing the 5,000 mark.

Even if SuTree is a video aggregator, it is also first and foremost an online community. Users can add any free online video-based lessons to he website's library. Also, users can add their own contributions and share their knowledge to the rest of the online public by uploading their own instructional videos, lectures, etc.

The website uses a Flash player for video viewing. I find the video player rather small, however. It's even smaller than YouTube's Flash player.

Each contributed video can be rated, shared and comments can also be posted. You can use the site's search bar to look for videos or arrange the entries according to popularity, alphabetically, or most recently added. The site also provides a long list of categories to choose from. Unfortunately, tags are not being used by the site. UI is bright, very easy and straightforward.