Koonji.com, a better source of instruction videos?

April 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The other day we wrote about SuTree.com and 5min.com. Both websites offer almost the same service: videos of how to dos, lectures, lessons, and other videos containing various instructional materials. Both have social networking properties. Users can contribute contents, can share them, post comments, and so on. The major difference of SuTree to 5min is that the former is a video aggregator which made it possible for the site to accumulate that much contents.

There's another website that put together the different kinds of step-by-step guides on the most common online activities being performed by web users. Koonji.com is both similar and different from the two websites above. It is similar since it showcases instructional guides on a variety of topics. Subject matters discussed include ″Relieve stress – do Buddhist meditation” and ″How to Sustain a Happy Relationship.” The difference is that Koonji breaks down the tasks into multiple steps. This way the process is simplified and transforms a rather complicated procedure into an easy to understand guide. Moreover, the step-by-step guidelines allow Koonji to provide members with the best resources available on the web.

I find the user interface of Koonji better, more enjoyable to use than either of 5min.com and SuTree.com. I like to think that the user uploaded contents for Koonji are more interesting as well. However, just like any other contents that provide guides and instructions, everything can be contested. At times users will ask about the credibility of each guideline submitted to Koonji and at this point, the site has to rely on its previous entries to show users that their information is honest, reliable and updated. Anyways, users can always upload their own set of of guides if they feel the previous entries were inadequate.

The site features the usual social networking elements like rating systems, allows comments to be added, users can search by category, popularity, search bar, the whole shebang. The site has a toolbar of its own to encourage users to quickly share videos that they have seen while browsing the web.