Woofiles. just another free gigabyte.

April 11th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Online hard drives have proven to be a staple industry. TechJournal has reviewed a couple of online storage sites and almost all of them offer 1GB for free then the rest is available after a payment. Other hosting sites have more advanced features like medi streaming and larger storage capacities. However, they all share one thing in common, sharing.

It was the dream of the inventor of the internet to create a tool where people can share whatever digital information they have in a fast and efficient way across the globe. Woofiles is another addition to the realization of that dream.

Simple and fast, Woofiles is an online file hosting free service offering 1GB capable of storing thousands of documents, hundred of pictures and many media. The great thing about Woofiles is that it does not require a log in account to use. To however, to recover the files a user has stored, a permalink is sent via email. This acts as the password which is nice because there's no more hassle of signing up for another account.

Individual files can also be shared from Woofiles by simply clicking the share button. Sharing can be done in three forms, Direct Link, HTML code, and BBCode. Woofiles, however is yet just another free gigabye on the web today and there's nothing to make it more special than its competition.