All you can see videos

April 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I found another video aggregator. ″Ah no, Not another one?!” We understand very well where this reaction is coming from. There are tons of video aggregators out there, the blogosphere has talked about most of them, reviewed them, and gave the thumbs up or thumbs down. But allow me to give you some of my thoughts on this new startup that I've come across.

I was going to start my daily dose of videos from YouTube when, for some unfortunate reason, my server cannot access the site. I almost went mad, not because I was experiencing some problems with the server but because I won't be able to continue an anime I was watching the day before. Anyways, to make a long story short, my frantic search for links brought me to .

One look at the site and you'll give me that confused, irritated, questioning glare: Is this it? I agree that's interface is, well, not that Web 2.0ish. Although the interface is very simple and easy enough to understand and navigate, the design screams of lack of creativity, ingenuity and imagination. But I took you to the site for a reason. Beyond the dull design and boring interface, the site offers a quite impressive selection of links to TV shows, cartoons, movies, anime, music videos, and sports programs. ″Did you say links? The videos are not embedded to the site?” Unfortunately they aren't. Unlike other video aggregators where you can already watch the collected videos on the website, only provides links bringing users to the source of the video files. Although, by not hosting the files themselves, will have an easier time since the site cannot be held responsible for legal issues, video copyright infringements and all that stuff.

Last February, was able to gather 17,99 TV links, 5,151 cartoon links, 2,582 movie links, 12,235 anime links, 5,741 music video links, and 957 sport links. This was about two months ago, no latest information about site content statistics has been released yet but surely the numbers would have increased by now.

But if you still find the site's contents lacking, then I apologize for bringing you to the site.