OtherEgo’s unique feature, will it be enough?

April 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

OtherEgo.com is a social network aggregator that is banking on its feature to embed in a single profile page all the other social networks a user belongs to. This way users and guests can easily go back and forth their social networks without opening different browsers. Your contacts can also see right away which social network you are a member of.

The website allows users to upload directly social websites for bookmarking, personalize profile pages, share photos, search for friends, add comments, and more. OtherEgo has an interface powered by Ajax technology for quicker uploads and faster page updates. However, navigating through the site is not as easy as expected. I find the ″My Updates” section out of place at the least and an eyesore at the most.

Having a single place where one can open and view all their social network is a pretty convenient thing. Unlike other network aggregators that I've seen, OtherEgo is, so far, the only one that embeds the actual website on its profile page. Other social network aggregators provide only listings of links to other social network websites. OtherEgo made it possible to view, access, and navigate other social network websites while staying inside the profile pages of OtherEgo.

The question, however, is if this unique feature of embedding the actual websites of these social networks on a single profile page enough to draw in the crowd? OtherEgo is competing in an already congested area of web service, some with a lot simpler and easier to use interface.