Plan 2 Spend, a great tool to organize your finances.

April 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Knowing where your money goes is sometimes the million dollar question.  My mom always emphasized the importance of managing my finances and saving up for a rainy day but somehow that advice came in an ear and went out the other one.

I've always tried to  monitor my income and expenses and end up not knowing how much I spoiled myself for the previous month.  Although I have a mental idea of where my money is going, I have no idea how much goes where exactly or how much I only really need to get through the month.  That information by the way is essential when saving up, it somehow gives you an idea of limits.

Anyway, if I had the discipline and will to note down my every financial move, Plan 2 Spend wouuld definitely be of help.

Plan 2 Spend is a expense monitoring tool that notes down how much ouch is earned and how much is spent.  Putting in how much you earn and spend is easy with their smart UI that allows users to even set repetitive information like a bi-weekly salary or a monthly bill.  There are also one time expenses or incomes  which come in handy when lising down one time payments

Viewing finances is also available and uinder the 'budget' tab, one can see graphically how much is spent where.

All in all, Plan2Spend is another tool to  hopefully help anybody manage their finances well enough.  Of course it's just a tool, the success of the tool is still dependent on the user.