Twitter and Jaiku, peas in a pod.

April 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Two web services doing exactly the same thing. Why not? Google and Yahoo do it.

I've been hearing about Twitter a lot lately so I decided to give it a shot but after seeing two screencasts I tried out Jaiku at the same time.

The idea of RSSing your own activities for all the world to see is not entirely new especially with chat boxes in forums that update in real time. But sites like Twitter and Jaiku are really new focusing on the concept of the chatbox and transforming it into a sort of social network or community.

Basically the two sites allow its users to post their activities on a real-time updating message board. Updates can be public or set to private so that only the user's friends can see what's going on. Other features like embeddable and customizable widgets are also available expanding the sharing capabilities of the services.

I cannot actually find any essential differentiator between Twitter and Jaiku except for some extra features like Twitter's public time line and Jaiku's mobile capabilities. I'm not sure if Twitter also has mobile capabilities, if it does they aren't very proud of it (it's not on the front page). Another difference is Jaiku's ability to get feed from blogs and post them as another of the user's update.

Anyway, I personally like using Jaiku better but functionality wise, Twitter is equally great. The reason I prefer Jaiku is its design, nothing more.