Latest web photo editor

April 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Web based photo editors have been around for quite sometime and they all have similar features.  Basically they're trying to be the online Photoshop.  Adobe actually has already announced that they will be making an online version of their famed image manipulation program.  With all the photo editing sites, Adobe will surely have a lot of basis for tehir online version.

Wiredness is the latest addition to the online photo editing pack.  It uses the Ajax back end instead of Flash and its UI closely resembles one of its competitors, PicNik.  It's home page is no nonsense, there's no need for an account to begin using the service.  It's a lot like a desktop application with the File toolbar which also works just like a desktop application.  Tools and palette windows appear in the browser page and thanks to Ajax, they can be moved and closed around like any other window.

The image manipulation toold of wiredness aren't unusual.  The effects and options are already available on other services.  Though there seems to be more filters on Wiredness including sketch, emboss, sepia and grayscale.  Maybe not but they sure come in handy.

All in all,  Wiredness is another option for quick online editing of images.  Export formats include PNG, JPG and GIF.  Image files can also be sent from Wiredness directly to GlowFoto, ImageShack and Flickr as well as to any email address.