LeapTag, is it worth taking the leap?

April 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

You have to give developers of web apps and services a lot of credit. Despite the multitude of web applications, software, and web services, new ones are still being invented and a lot of innovations are regularly introduced. An example of which is LeapTag , a semantic search engine that monitors your search results based on previous queries.

LeapTag is a web tool that is installed in your browser's toolbar. It is actually a discovery tool which base search results on the tags that you provide. By looking at the tags, LeapTag is able to produce more refined and relevant results. Sounds familiar? The system of LeapTag is fairly similar to the kind used by bookmarking web tools, the most immediate that comes to mind is StumbleUpon. LeapTag users are able to share their tags to other members plus they can post comments and access other users' tags. Instead of categories used by Stumble, LeapTag uses tags, but there are of course, other differences.

LeapTag needs to bes downloaded from the website and is installed via the desktop to your browser. Like any other toolbar, you click on it to activate its function. Site developers recently released a public data version 0.8.0. which incorporated better search results, allow users to vote out of the site ads they don't like and the latest version claims to utilize more efficiently your PC's computer resources resulting to quicker searches.

The website is facing some tough competition. Even though the web tool remains free for people online to use, the service itself may not be strong enough to pry users from using the competition. Personally, I would prefer using StumbleUpon, however, my attachment to the website has some added sentimental value so I might be blinded by the misgivings of this bookmarking tool. Nevertheless, LeapTag is still in its beta version and we would like to see how it develops especially before it is formally introduced in the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo.