Playing 007 on the web

April 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to find a long lost friend that you've last seen during your high school graduation. For the Y-generation, who are practically born with a mouse on their hands, will usually have a hard time imagining how people of pre-internet, pre-social networking days collect such information. To find the whereabouts of a person, the first thing people often do is go online and perform a query on the internet. But then again, you will usually end up using various search engines, and going to different social networking sites before you can get a good hit.

Fortunately for wannabe investigators out there, I came across this new web service which can seriously help them with their queries. The name of the website is and it is a search service which looks for people's social networking profiles. Well, at least profile names, email addresses or usernames of members of six major social networks, namely MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Xanga, Digg, and Match.

So far yoName's service is limited to these six social networks, but I'm expecting that they will expand soon and include other well known social networks. The search service works but the system has a lot of bugs still. I was able to find some of my queries through yoName but independent search options found in the social network's website is far more accurate and produces more results than yoName. Hope he site works on these problems soon.

Still, the website has great potential as a web search service. Searching social networks while staying on a website is far more convenient than going back and forth various online social communities.

In the meantime, as you type the name of your target in yoName, you swear you can almost hear spy music playing in the background.