Amazing 3D photo synchronization

April 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I know a trick or two to make a traditional flat photograph look like a more dynamic 3D image. The process involves tweaking the image using Adobe's Photoshop photo editing software. I need some time to recreate the picture into a 3-dimensional image. So imagine my glee when I found out about .

FotoWoosh is a new web app or service that takes the ordinary pictures and transform then into interesting works of art. Ideally, 3D images are formed by combining the shots of the subject in various angles. It is not possible to create an image using just a singe flat photograph. This is the reason why FotoWoosh is so interesting. The web app creates stunning 3D images by using just one image.

FotoWoosh's system is purely automatic. It uses each region of an outdoor image as ground, vertical, or sky. Afterwards, line segments are fitted to the ground-vertical boundary in the image. The estime of the horizon’s is then used to guide the system where to cut and fold the image. The image is basically “popped up” just like those children fairy tale story books. Once users uploaded a picture, FotoWoosh will create a 3D animated image and return them as a Flash widget. You will need a Virtual Reality Modeling Language or VRML reader to view the finished product.

I haven't seen anything like it. FotoWoosh is a totally new concept and the photosynth system they have developed is pretty amazing. FotoWoosh just gone live recently and hasn't come out even in beta. I've already signed up for an invitation to the private beta testing. I can't wait.