goGOOROO.com, what’s in a name

April 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Believe it or not, goGOOROO.com is an online video bookmarking and aggregator website whose contents are purely user generated. The site serves also serves as a guide for broadband channels and videos. Created by Randolf Hillebrand and Thomas Rigler, goGOOROO aimed to create order to an otherwise chaotic ocean of videos on the Internet. goGOOROO is an attempt to gather all the good videos, bookmark the just like the way you bookmark your favorites, and then share them with other users of the web.

As a bookmarking site, goGOOROO can store video links and channels through its “Recomend” button located on the toolbar. You have to fill in the URL information then afterwards you can add a sort of description of the content, select the category the content will best belong to, identify the language, make tags, and identify other technical fields before you can recommend a site.

Aside from being a bookmarking and aggregator for videos, the site also features a search option where you users can search for channels or videos on the Web. The site incorporated as much social networking elements as possible: like rating contents and sharing them with friends.

GoGOOROO so far has identified 1013 Internet TV channels from all around the planet where users can browse, search and explore for unique, quality videos. Meanwhile user contributed videos number to only 519 and users themselves number to a total of 172.

The site promises to prohibit posting of any channels or videos that show pornography, violent, hateful, politically motivated contents or basically any inappropriate materials. Although, I can't seem to understand how the site will filter user generated contents.

GoGOOROO generally is a good looking site. The homepage and other web pages for that matter are bright, neat and organized.