Karma Exchange to World Peace

April 17th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I don't know what exactly to call sites like these but I find them really noble and at the same time relaxing. Given all the new technologies popping up here and there especially right now at the Web 2.0 Expo, I find looking at the present instead of the future simpler.

Karma Exchange is no innovation nor is it a technological marvel. It's simply a application using existing technology and trends. Technology being the web as we know it now and trends as we're doing it unconsciously.

What exactly is it that we do on the web? Web2.0 has given us the tools to interact with other people more freely and we have been using it so well that it seems like we are running out of things to talk about and pass around.

That exactly is the market many startups are now going into. Niche sites are nice and profitable and with communities growing around anything these days, it's a lot easier to make a site on something that has existed since time in memorial, Karma.

It's not that mystical though. It's a lot like Kudos, users get to pass around good intentions in text format for the sake of simply complimenting someone else.Karma Exchange is also a network of passing around karma messages like chain mail. There are stats for every karma you send out and you'll see how far it has gone.

To summarize Karma Exchange there's nothing better than reading it from the horse's mouth so here it is.

"This place exists, if only in the minds and hearts of good people like you, me, and most everyone else. In this place was born the concept of the Karma Exchange. An exchange where the only commodity is good action and where the sole currency is good intention…with no other intention than to propagate your singular act of good will."

At least the human race is not losing its sense of humanity. Salute!