Educators have a brand new tool

April 19th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Who would think that cloning YouTube can result to something very interesting and very useful. But that's exactly what happened when a group of professional educators joined together and created TeacherTube .

The site is relatively new, having been lunched early March this year after two months of beta testing. TeacherTube has a simple objective: to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos. It is focused on helping teachers, schools, and home learners to have quick, quality access to education and learning tools. The focus on formal education and learning differentiates the site from other web services that offer instructional videos such as and

The site is simple enough to understand. If you have used YouTube in the past, then there's no reason that you will not be able to navigate around TeacherTube. Users can uUpload, tag and share videos worldwide. The selection of educational or instructional videos are already quite impressive. Users can create and join video groups with similar interests and can customize their own playlists and favorites. Videos can also be embedded to other sites and web pages.

A great option at TeacherTube is the fact that users can attach educational support materials like handouts, notes, lesson plans, worksheets and any other materials to the video. For educators, this is a very convenient option.

There's nothing special with the video player, although I was experiencing some considerable lag in video buffering even if I'm using a fairly fast internet connection. Aside from this, I have no other complaints. TeacherTube is a very simple yet great concept. However, since they host the videos themselves, they might eventually run into problems with copyrighted materials just like YouTube did and other video hosting sites.