Funny or Die, you choose

April 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you have lost your funny bone lately maybe a new website can help you find it again. was born out of an idea concocted by venture capitalist Mark Kvamme and his son. Father and son presented the concept to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s company, Gary Sanchez Productions who loved it and decided to give it a go, hence the Funny or Die website was born.

The concept Kvamme came up with is pretty simple: they will create a comedy website where it will feature antics, presentations, productions, or any funny stuff by established comedians and regular users. However, the future of the videos lies on the hands of votes. Users will vote on the videos and will determine if they are funny and worth having or are they worthless and therefore will be sent to a “fiery death”. Videos that have been voted off to die will be sent to a “crypt” which more or less functions as a vault. If the video has been declared dead, it can still resurrect if and only if it can gather around 1,000 people who think that the video is funny.

I find the site beneficial to comedians since it can help improve their craft, creating quality materials for their own portfolios as well as for the entertainment of users like us. Comments can range from one liners to serious critiques of videos. can also serve as a venue for talent scouts looking for fresh faces to star in the industry.

Contentwise, there are a some funny clips, Will Farrel's “Landlord” is particularly funny. But most of the video contributions I think should only receive “Oh-oh” up to “Kinda Cute” ratings. Maybe I'm just too dense, but I don't find them really funny.

The site contains the usual stuff for this kind of video sharing site: flash video player, embeddable videos, flagging, posting of comments, social networking elements, etc. User interface is not that unique to warrant any attention. The concept really makes the site unique.