Going back to simplicity

April 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am

One of the main reasons why I hate YouTube, and most of its clones, is the fact that the site is riddled with ads, pop-ups and even misplaced site features. I basically hate the clutter. That's where steps in. This video aggregator gives me what I want: quality videos in a very neat, and I repeat neat, environment.

At present, Videohybrid features both movies and popular TV series. Each video entry has a photo of the film or show and a short summary. Everything is so well organized. “Watch what you want” is the tagline of the website and with the current features of the site, viewers are just able to do that. The description and photo allows users to clearly identify the movies or shows he/she wants to watch.

Plus the good thing about being an aggregator is that you don't host the videos yourself saving a lot on server costs and would lessen the chance that the site face legal actions from infringements of copyrighted materials. Videohybrid has some great and impressive collection of films and TV shows. Going back to simpler times do have some trade offs. Unlike other video sharing and aggregator websites, Videohybrid no longer sport features like: rating videos, adding comments, easy sharing and embedding films or shows on other websites. Personally, I would be happy and even welcome the trade off.

The question now is how would the site sustain itself. Without the ads and all those pop-ups, can the site survive the highly competitive world of video sharing? Well, I hope so.