Cartoon shorts have a new home

April 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

I've always been captivated by animation, whether its Japanese anime, Disney, Warner, and even the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and independent, experimental cartoon types, I will spend my childhood days glued in front of our television set and my adult life collecting videos. My interest in animation made me notice a new website dedicated for cartoon shorts, . was founded by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, established authors and experts in their own right on the history and development of the animation industry. They also have a very respected animation blog called CartoonBrew. In keeping up with the standards of their blog, the two created a website which only features quality animation shorts, and when we say quality we're not talking about video output quality only but as well as the cartoon's contents, plot, story, etc. Because of a lot of consideration, the website owners examines carefully each cartoon before they post them on the site. All cartoon shorts in the website can be downloaded for a small payment of $2 per video.

The advantage of the site lies on the founders.'s present and probably in the not so far future's popularity rides on the popularity of Beck and Amidi. However, the site already has a very unique and worth viewing video database.

The site's design is deeply rooted on the CartoonBrew blog. This relationship resulted to having similar design and user interface. Not that the design is bad, on the contrary, the blog-like appearance of CartoonBrewFilms made it more appealing to users.