YouTube search made easy

April 23rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Due to the sheer number of contributed videos, searching YouTube can really be very daunting task. There have been attempts to gather the “best” of the videos in YouTube, and other video sharing sites for that matter, just to limit the junk files that one finds when a search query is conducted. These are the very concept of video aggregators websites. But still this does not solve the problem of having a means to smartly search the vast contents of YouTube. Enter .

Yuscano was developed to serve one specific purpose: to scan quickly the contents of YouTube either by popularity, featured videos, user's videos or by tags. But the web service does not merely scan and display a search list, it instead streams in a few seconds the videos from the search result in full screen mode. This way you can actually watch what the video is all about. It works like a preview and when you click the streaming video, it will bring you to the actual YouTube file and window where you can watch it in full.

Just like what Yuscano said in its site, their service can be likened to “channel surfing on television.” This appeals to YouTube users whose nature is to channel surf the wide range of user contributed contents. 

Yuscano has a very simple user interface. It has no complicated controls or difficult web pages to maneuver. It is a plain and simple search engine. What I don't like about Yuscano is that when you click on a visual search result you will be brought to the main YouTube site but at the expense of losing your whole search result list. You will be brought back to the Yuscano homepage. You cannot go back and look at the other query results. What you have to do is enter the same query again if you want to continue searching videos of the same topic.