ImageChef, easy custom images

April 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Remember those statement shirts that were really entertaining? Something like "333, only half evil" or "Tell your girlfriend I said Thanks." Well, there are already many sites that provide customized shirts like that but who needs the shirt? I have a couple of forums I participate in and there's one thing I always notice about a user, his avatar. Of course personalized and customized avatars are all easy to in Photoshop or even in Paint. But here is a site that makes that a whole lot easier.

ImageChef, when I first saw it I was thinking the likes of PicNik or Fauxto, then I realized it was more on smaller images or avatars so my mind went to WeeWorld and Imeem. Still those weren't what Imagechef was. It's much simpler.

ImageChef allows its users to create customized images by simply adding text to an existing image (just like a statement shirt). Here are some.

The interface of imagechef is nothing fancy but it sure does work. Also, all images from ImageChef can be exported via a HTML or BB code for direct embedding in websites, blogs and forums as well as the images can simply be saved with the right click of the mouse.

Basically, this is a fun site that probably won't be making any issues like Photobucket on the large social networks. I also think that we need more of these kinds of sites to help us relax and realize that the web isn't that complicated at all.