Online contests at Votigo

April 24th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Have you ever joined an online photo or video contest before? Well if you haven't, you can go to and join the different online contests there or, if you can handle it, create your own. Votigo is a place where individuals or groups can create and customize their own video or photo contests. You need to sign in to participate though. But once you're in, you can create, vote, or just participate.

The concept does have its perks. One thing is that people can become highly motivated to create excellent works, whether its graphics, photos or videos. Creating online contests can also help groups or companies create awareness of their existence or promote themselves online. The intention of the site is build a community where people will react and interact through the contests that have been set up. So instead establishing “contacts” with other members of the Votigo, users will become “fans” of other people.

For those who want to compete, there are a number of categories to choose from. All you need to do is enter a category, upload your photos or videos. For videos, the site allows users to import them from YouTube. In order to win, those who placed an entry will be voted by the general membership of the site.

Exposure has always been the objective of a budding artist. Give him enough media coverage and he will or he can become great. This is why Votigo's contest community could become beneficial for photographers, actors, film-makers, models, etc. The only problem I see is will the price motivate the artists to join? So far member entries that I've seen range from the totally professional looking to the totally lame user contribution. If users don't have find enough reason to join Votigo then they will decide to stay with the primary sharing and social networking sites like YouTube, and MySpace. There are currently 320 contests distributed among the more than 20 categories that are running at Votigo.