April 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

If you check out the meaning of the word insolitus, iI'm not sure if it will make any sense on the nature of the site

So it means strange in Latin, I guess that's what you could call the nature of too.  Don;t get me wrong, strange is not really bad since does make sense, somehow.  Basically it's a file hosting site which also has a social aspect to it.  Think OmniDrivemeets Yousendit meets allows its users to upload files on the site and I'm not really sure what the file size limit is.  Anyway, URLs to the files can be sent to email addresses upon uploading as well as organized into folders.  Multiple file uploads are also available.  So that covers the OmniDrive meets Yousendit.

For the aspect, instead of sharing bookmarks and talking about them,'s vertical are the Files themselves.  Users can tag the files they upload and set them to be publicly availabe for both discussion and download.

So is that not strange.  I honestly do not remember any site that does this so I'm guessing the the name is indeed apt for the application.  All in all, the idea is new and it is not certain if it will be as sticky as sharing bookmarks but personally it may be fun too so I'm not discouraging anybody to try it out.