Senduit, sharing large files easily

April 26th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Another easy big file transfer site is now online to serve the public.  It's been a while since I last saw a new site like this and I was beginning to think that the  market for this was already dead.  Anyway, it's good to see that there are still some people making sites that really matter.

Senduit is a big file hosting site that allows users to send files by uploading them to the Senduit server and having the recipients access the files through a URL.  There's a file size limit of 100MB which I guess is good enough.  Though Senduit is not a online hard drive like OmniDrive or MediaMax, files can be kept on their servers for up to one week.  For other purposes too, file expiration can also be set to 30 minutes.

Senduit reminds me of RapiShare which is by the way very crowded these days so it's good to see new large file delivery systems poppng up.  The limited features like the lack of the capability to upload multiple files is not at all bothering since I think that Senduit was designed to upload those huge files we mostly don't come across everyday.

All in all, Senduit is simple and effective and if you have read my other posts in the past, these are the qualities of a web service I personally like above everything else.