Audiobaba, acoustic fingerprint search

April 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Searching for music can sometimes be frustrating.  Most of the time the music we know and we want to have a copy of is hard to find because all we know is how it sounds, no lyrics, no artist, no title.  So how do find it? We can't unless we hear it again.

So Audiobaba tries making it possible for the computer to identify music according to how they sound.  They let users search music that sound alike.  Nothing new?  Well, many music social networks already allow this kind of feature but they use the power of masses to do so.  Audiobaba on the other hand uses some different algorithm to match music just like uses an algorithm to match images.  They call acoustic recognition.

Music social networks like use the power of masses by getting input from its users through tags, lyrics and artists through a searchable text format.  What Audiobaba brings to the table is a different kind of search.  The songs in their database consist all have a some sort of acoustic fingerprint ID and they use that information to compare songs and determine which ones sound alike.  Then when a user searches for a song, Audiobaba presents a list of other songs that the searched song sounds like.  Accuracy of the hits are ok when I tried it but I can't determine any obvious fingerprint ID.  Well that part I can leave to their algorithm.  Furthermore, if a users thinks that a search hit doesn't match, he can vote thumbs down to help Audiobaba sharpen its ears.

Unlike social networking sites where users can actually listen to songs on demand, Audiobaba is only a search engine.  They provide previews of the songs they hit but not the entire song.  If a user wants to have a copy of the whole song, he has to buy it on Amazon or iTunes.

Honestly if you ask me, I can get my music for free but for the sake of intellectual property laws, Audiobaba is a noble act.  All in all, the innovation part of Audiobaba is hands down cool but the incapability to listen to songs on demand is a put down.  It probably isn't their fault though so I still think they're site is great.