Locr, geotagging photos

April 27th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Sharing pictures has always been fun and it's probably the easiest on the web.  Many photo sharing sites have come up with different ways to make user experience more attractive and unique.  Some allow annotation others allow 3D folding.

Locr on the other hand is more like Wayki without the wiki part.  Primarily, Locr allows its users to geotag their photos with a Google map.  Geotagging if you're not familiar is a way of tagging photos to the location where they were taken.  This is especially useful when organizing photos while ion vacation especially in a foreign country.

Locr like most photosharing sites allow users to designate which photos could be publicly viewable and which ones are to be kept private.  Publicly viewable photos can be used by other users as reference for other places and since there are already communities on Locr, some photos would have other photos linking to them because of their common locations.  FOr example, a photo of the White House would have the photo of the Lincoln memorial linked to it since they're near each other.

The technology Locr uses is nothing new since Google maps are readily available and the locations are still provided by the users.  I was thinking when I first came into the site if the software had an image recognition algorithm that would automatically determine where in the world the photo was taken  Unfortunately there is none.  Though maybe they could be working on it with the help of user input.  Now that would be something new.

All in all, Locr, is a fun site that may not be as sticky as Photobucket or Flickr but regardless, the idea of geotagging and it'spossible future is interesting.